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I loved all of it. Smooth animation, original story, and nice music. The frame by frame animation when the lights were out was beautiful. I also liked how the music synced with most of the animation. It made a better experience.The silhouette animations were very interesting and looked very good also.

One thing I didn't really like was the character designs for the boy and the grandpa. But all of the other character designs were very good. I think Tarboy could have had a little more detail though.

It was a very good film and has a pretty deserving score at the moment. (4.79 for the record) Also, you ended the movie with a nice twist which made it better. It opens it up for a sequel very nicely. I'm looking forward to it! Great job.


I'm glad you've put more animation into the movie than in your others. With more body movement, it was much better. It seems like there was some tricky animation involved in this (like the fish eye view of the man's face and the transformation).

The art was very good like always and you did a good job making it look like an old silent film.

I liked the character designs also. I like how you even made the robot fit in with the times with the mustache and monocle. :)

Also, I like the Barber's Pole.

Fine fine

I liked the movie a little, but it was a bit boring and not much movement was going on. It reminds me of classic cartoons, which was nice.

You had a pretty original idea. But it wasn't too great of an idea. You made it a little interesting though. I got a little chuckle out of the end.

There wasn't too much animation, other than mouth movement, which I found boring. Also for the little animation, you should have spent more time on the art.

But you did do a good job with the voices. They made it better and more interesting. The facial expressions were nice too.

Overall it was entertaining, but there could have been more detailed art. Nice job.

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Nice job.

Had me playing for a long time. The graphics were great, Gonzo has a very appealing style. I find other launch games to get boring fast, but this one had all the right things to make it fun- mostly the upgrades.

It had good sound effects also. the music was good as well.

But with getting medals, it seems like you can't really earn them, they just come at you. If you play for a while, you get the distance medals. And for the sun burn, abducted, etc., I didn't know where the objects were, they just appeared and I got the medal for them without really doing anything.

There were a couple times when I would go past an ammo box but it wouldn't be collected for some reason. Also I've earned the Drunk Driving medal a couple times, but it won't register. Just pointing that out.

But all in all, it was a great game.


It was a pretty fun game, but got boring pretty quick. There wasn't much variety in the game play so it got repetitive. There were a few glitches in the game, but they were only minor.

The art was very good, as well as the animations. All of the character designs were very interesting. The backgrounds were very good too.

It had some good sound effects, but what annoyed me was how there was no sound effect for when you hit a zombie. That was kind of lame. It would have been much more satisfying if it were to make noise.

It was a pretty good game with some imperfections. But nice job.

Great game!

This a a very good puzzle game that I had a lot of fun with. It gets more challenging as you make more progress, which is good. It's a very original concept and you did it well. All the different kinds of puke were interesting.

All of the art was pretty good and it was nice and simple. The animation was very smooth most of the time, but lagged sometimes. So I would have to exit the game and open it again for it to run smoothly.

The Audio was nice and wasn't annoying like some other games.

This is a game I could play many times and it is pretty addicting. Nice job!

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It had a great beat and I liked the effect you put on the lyrics. Though it was a bit hard to understand.

Oh well. I like the song. Nice job.

merlin responds:

Thanks for the review! if you listened to the original, this one's ten times better! yay for the vocoder!

Very good!

It's very easy to listen to and flows very nicely. I can imagine scenes in my head while I listen to it.

Good job!


It was very slow and there wasn't much going on. It didn't sound horrible, but it was hard to listen to because not much was happening.

OcarinaMatt responds:

When I made it, I envisioned a frozen wasteland, bereft of life. If you've ever played Super Metroid for the NES, you would recall that in the beginning, once you're on Zebes, and are headed for the morph ball, the music there is very subtle and simple, because there are no space pirates there yet. That's the same kind of feel I had in mind- an empty/creepy feeling for an area that is both icy, and not yet (or no longer) inhabited. So, simple and empty was what I actually was looking for.

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Very nice.

It looks very real and you put a lot of detail into it. Nice job with everything, but I wish you did more with the water. It doesn't really look like it's running...

You still did a great job though.

Raguel responds:

Thank you!


This is a great design and it's a pretty sweet pose as well. I'm not sure how hard it is too make something like this, but it seems like you put a lot of effort into it.

Like TurkeyOnAStick, said, it's presented very well, but unfortunately, some of the anatomy is flawed. The right arm looks pretty strange when you look at it for a while and also I think the head may be a little small... but it's a robot so I guess it doesn't have to have a human sized head.

This doesn't really matter, but there should be more joints in the foot too.

Well you did a great job!


The colors go very well with the mood of the painting. So good color choice. The expressions are very good and the anatomy is ace also.

I like how you focused a lot on the older man. The detail is very good.

Everything in the painting fits very well. The robot is interesting and makes a nice addition.

It's a little messy towards the bottom and on the red coat though.

Great job!

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